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Real-Time Results | Simple to Use | Backed by Board-Certified Physicians

PRIME Occupational Medicine has over 26 years of experience providing workforce health and safety solutions. Following multiple expert guidelines, PRIME’s board-certified physicians have developed an effective, affordable screening program and user-friendly app, EMEmd, to provide real-time protection for your employees and patrons.  

EMEmd is an efficient, affordable COVID-19 screening tool that helps quickly identify high-risk individuals before they enter your establishment.

For as low as $99 per month you can begin protecting your business today.

Protection for Employees & Patrons 

Screen employees & patrons before they enter

Real-time status results

Mitigate risks & manage liabilities

Keep health information private

Manage, track and report results in one centralized database *COMING SOON*

If you need to develop a customized questionnaire, require additional services for large groups of employees or patrons, desire backup medical support or need to register more than three locations, reach out to our team!

How EMEmd Works

EMEmd will provide a customized digital questionnaire to your facility. These questionnaires are available to your employees and patrons through a patent-pending mobile app available both on the App Store and Google Play. Everyone entering your facility can easily download the free app, access your questionnaire, and receive a real-time status update by answering a few simple questions. Upon completion, the app will immediately display a status indicator allowing you to assess their potential risk(s) prior to entry.

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Need a More Customized Option?

If you have any questions about EMEmd’s capabilities, require additional services for large employee or patron groups, have more than 3 locations you’d like to register or need a customized questionnaire, reach out to our team today!